Portland photo session

We love being photographers. The places to visit, the bonds we capture, the connections we’re able to see and make…

I’m super lucky.

I met the Román family in Cancun a few years ago. I took pictures during a portrait shoot in the Omni Hotel and they were thrilled with their photos. We stayed connected over social media and it was so cool seeing their friends and family commenting on our photos. The Románs live in Portland and I got to go and stay with them during my own vacation there.

Visiting grandma's house!

It’s crazy, letting people you have only met once into your home! But the closeness we had all felt as I captured their private moments made it easy to feel relaxed around each other. It was so cute seeing how the kids had grown and changed since Cancun!

Seeing the family in their natural habitat was amazing, and I kept photographing everyone (even their great aunt!) together in magical Portland. I saw the essence and routine of the family and we encouraged each other and had such positive vibes. I hope they treasure these memories and mementos as much as I do, and keep the good times forever. Read more stories …

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