Session on the One&Only Palmilla Los Cabos resort

Meghan contacted our office for a session on Palmilla resort beach. Certainly, a beautiful location, and many families love having their photos taken on the beach as it hearkens back to vacation memories.

The only problem was, they thought the kids won’t cooperate. We approached the parents and assured them to relax and enjoy the whole experience while we capture beautiful memories.

two children standing with their feet in the water, at Playa Palmilla, los cabos family photographer

We believe that spontaneity is key and so when they came to the photoshoot with their two precious boys, our goal was to make them feel comfortable and confident with the camera in front of them.

As soon as the family put their feet in the sand, the little boys became affixed to the idea of photography and did such an amazing job. It was like the camera was nonexistent.


So, what happens when your subjects are like Olympic runners and trying to get away from you as fast as possible?

Well, of course it makes for a hilarious game of tag and some excellent action shots. Dashing into the water, throwing sand, and just generally creating a sea of spontaneous fun. It was truly an amazing experience to capture these moments.

When they saw the results, they were very surprised. The photos were stunning!

It made for a wonderful experience and we think better than any photoshoot we could have conceived of.