Photo Session at downtown San Jose del Cabo

As photographer, we always tend to go above and beyond to capture something that is not just beautiful but flawless as well. It’s pretty easy to take a photo where the family is posing – looking at the camera and making a standard pose. The magic happens when you leave the comfort zone and be yourself!

This is the opportunity that the Bajic family allowed themselves to remember.

We shot some amazing photographs for them 1 year back, and a year later they returned to Los Cabos and for the second time, and wanted us to capture some magical photos.

We loved their idea of leaving the classic hour-long session on the beach. Instead, they asked about doing it in San José del Cabo downtown. We had a great discussion with them, and we came up with some wonderful ideas.

The session was natural and fun; it captured their true personalities, and everyone had a great time. We had dinner together at La Revolución. The result was truly awesome.

It’s truly a beautiful thing when photography can capture these moments, especially in a defined photoshoot session, as it adds a level of professional touch that gives it an extra allure.

We ended up having a nice friendship, and they already decided the next session will be in California when we go to visit them.